Our menus change with the season, taking advantage of the best fresh produce available. In addition, we change our afternoon tea sandwich offerings on a more frequent basis, to make sure that you will have a new and unique experience if you choose to make AnaBeall’s your regular spot for catching up with your friends.

We also offer a variety of soups, sandwiches, salads, scones, muffins, tarts, cakes, cookies, and of course, a traditional afternoon tea combining light sandwiches, scones, desserts, and tea.

Examples of our menus can be found by clicking below.  Menus change seasonally.
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  Tea Menu
  Tea Menu
  Let AnaBeall’s cater your special event or host a tea party at our Tea Room.  
The tradition of Afternoon Tea, as it is practiced in the US, is rooted in 19th Century Britain, where a lady of society would entertain her friends in her parlor in the afternoon, offering hot tea, small, light sandwiches, bite-sized desserts, and scones with cream or jam.

  The tradition has survived and thrives today, albeit few of us would have the time or energy to prepare a beautiful repast such as this in our own homes. Tea Rooms and Tea Houses aim to fill this void, and can be a great destination for an afternoon of amiable conversation.
  Several directory services are available to give you information about places you and your friends can meet
for tea and make your own traditions.
Here are a couple of good sites:
Tea Map teamap.com
Tea Guide teaguide.net
  The term High Tea traditionally has referred to the height of the table on which the tea service is offered. Traditional Afternoon Tea in one’s parlor was actually known as Low Tea, being served on low tables. High Tea was usually what might be thought of as supper. However, with time, the term High Tea has been assumed to refer to the formality of the event, and thus, most Americans will think of Afternoon Tea and High Tea synonymously, if not correctly.
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